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Our Services

We care about the overall health and wellness of our patients by providing Primary Care, Wellness Services and Dental Services*.

Primary Care Primary Care
Primary Care

Here we provide comprehensive health services for your everyday well-being. Phoenix American Medical is a one-stop shop where you can have multiple needs taken care of all under one roof. Get exams, wellness checks, prescriptions, blood draws, EKGs, and much more.

Wellness Wellness

We provide a range of Wellness Services, please reach out to our front office for more details.

Dental Care* Dental Care*
Dental Care*

Here we will be able to offer our patients high-quality dental care with stringent safety protocols for safe and effective treatment. On top of what Ultimate covers in your dental plan, we put our patients at ease with having their dentist and their doctor under one roof. We perform all of the same services that a full dental office would be able to do.


Why Choose Phoenix
American Medical

We're a team focused on making your overall health and wellbeing a top priority. Our team of highly certified and qualified providers and support staff are dedicated to taking care of your needs efficiently and effectively. With lower wait times and more time to spend with your doctor and staff, Phoenix American Medical is the place to be for high-quality care.

Your health and wellbeing are most important to us.

Santos Ruiz- Cordero, MD, JD
Iona Wedderburn, MSN, APRN , ACRN-BC

1423 US Hwy. 1,
Fort Pierce, FL 34950
Directions to Office

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